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Our Software is exclusively designed for car rentals. It offers email and text automations, enabling seamless communication and service for your customers. Packed with an array of features, Moskdigital optimizes your daily operations, freeing up time and enhancing productivity.

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We are a specialist car rental leads company that works only with car rental businesses. We do not work with any other industry. 
Our expert team is dedicated to conducting comprehensive research tailored to your specific area. Then we use ads and our software to locate and attract motivated, qualified ‘ready to rent’ customers.

We offer 100% Area Exclusivity

Our risk-free partnership

Our mission is simple, yet powerful – to generate growth for your business. But how do we ensure this? We shoulder the risk so you don't have to. We are so confident in our strategies and execution that we offer a 100% return on investment. Why do we do this? Because we believe in our ability to make your business more successful. We view our clients as partners, not just customers.

Your success is our success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I get to see results with your approach?

It takes us roughly 5 working days to get things set up for you and then we start running your ads. Results – in the form of leads – can appear the first day your ads run. Although we would expect it to take a few days before the specific set-up we’ve created for you finally beds in. 

From there, we refine your ads as results come in, looking for small improvements in order to increase overall results. That can take 3 – 4 weeks. But you’ll be getting rents in the meantime – and we’ll be aiming to run the size of campaign necessary to keep your car rental fully busy throughout. You need to be able to handle the increased rents and orders before we begin your ad campaign.

Why don’t you work with car rentals making less than 300,000a year in revenue?

We earn when you earn. Our success is based on your success. In the past, the new flow of customers has overwhelmed smaller companies and they’ve had to switch off their campaigns while they try to handle the new workflow. Which means they stop using our services until they work out how to run their own business.

We need companies who can handle the increase in business and keep the revenues flowing. 

Larger businesses – those that have exceeded at least the 300,000€ mark – have already worked out how to handle larger volumes of work. Their processes are more robust. They have good people in place. 

For them, handling a fairly sudden uplift in business is a matter of expanding what they already do – rather than having to learn it all from scratch.

No matter where you operate the business is all there. We want to work with clients who can handle it. 

Why must I qualify before I can work with you?

Small car rental companies with only a few years of experience will not be able to handle the leads we send them. 

We’ve seen it before. 

They become overwhelmed. And so they have to switch off their ad campaign, regroup and try to work out how to handle this new situation. 

Which means our services are no longer required for a while – which isn’t good business for us.

Whereas bigger companies have already got things in order. 

Even if the new flow of leads is initially tough to handle, they’ll quickly adapt because they’ve already worked out their best processes, they already have good people in place… They simply need to upscale what they already do. 

Big car rentals don’t have to learn how to be bigger car rentals – they just have to expand their current set-up.

We earn our money when our efforts are earning you your money. 

Small companies switching everything off because they’re overwhelmed doesn’t help our bottom line. Our growth is tightly bound to yours so as new business comes in… we want to be sure you can handle it. 

What if you work with another car rental in my area, won’t that hurt my business?

That won’t happen. 

Before we take on a new client we make sure they’re right for us. In other words we first qualify them (just like we qualify new clients for you).

Part of that qualification is: do we already have a client in the area you operate in?

We routinely refuse to take on clients because their business competes with an existing client’s business. 

So rest assured: if you are our client then we will not take on a new client in your area of operation. 

How can your software benefit my business?

It's simple. 

Our software is only helping car rentals, and it provides a range of benefits for your business.

Firstly, it offers automated follow-up through SMS and email, saving you time and effort in responding to reviews, Instagram messages, GMB messages, FB messages, and more. With all messages conveniently consolidated in one inbox, you can efficiently manage your communications..

By utilizing our automated text and email follow-up campaigns, you can effectively convert leads and increase your customer conversion rate. Moreover, our software enables you to manage and gain a comprehensive understanding of your new lead pipeline's value, empowering you to close 5x as customers.

Furthermore, our software helps you generate more 5-star reviews, boosting your online reputation and attracting new customers. Additionally, we offer the option to install a smart web chat on your existing website, enhancing your customer engagement and support capabilities.

There are many other features that will benefit your car rental. With our software, you'll experience improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a boost in your business's growth and success.

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee. If we don't perform you don't pay. Simple as that.

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